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Description: "One of, if not the best paradox novels I've had the good fortune to read. An incredibly well written work..." -MarkTaylor281 "A beautiful and powerful story unlike any I've ever read..." -Ddruid "Finished the whole book on the edge of my seat...

Happy New Year, everyone!  May 2015 bring new opportunities to each and every one of you.  Thank you again for all of your support.

I have good news to share:  I am almost complete with my second novel, and will upload it within the month - here on Wattpad.

Best Regards!

Thank you, Coastal!  You probably noticed that I kept the ending purposely open, since something like you mentioned in your comment could "happen" if I ever decide to write a sequel.  So far, I rather like Anon making the ultimate sacrifice, which of course is one of those "hero journey" type endings.  But if I can come up with a unique plot and good character arcs for myria and anon, there could always be a sequel.  I love your idea about the solar chutes, btw.  Thanks!

Thank you for the feedback.  I'm sorry you were disappointed with the ending - if it helps, I purposely left it slightly unresolved, hopefully to let the reader take the conclusions you just made.  I am currently not working on a sequel, but that doesn't mean one could never be made.

Again, thanks for reading and your comments.  All the best.