I have many interests, which is a good thing, as that is what makes one interesting. There are far too many boring people on this planet. I don't think most of them belong here, I think they are aliens. 
Come to think of it, I haven't met many folks who remotely resemble my own species.
I used to write quite a bit when I was a teenager, but mostly just journal-type stuff and sometimes I would write little stories for my sister to read. I stopped writing and focused on visual art for a long time, but now I've decided to give writing a go again. This time for the public eye.
I've written a couple of books that are available on Amazon, but they are non-fiction. One of them a beauty encyclopedia. I'm writing my first published work of fiction right here on Wattpad. Hopefully it does well and I decide to write more after that.
I detest bad grammar and spelling, so you won't see that sort of thing much in the books I write. A story can be wonderful, but if it isn't written well, it ruins it for me.
I'm a big fantasy and sci-fi fan. I love superheroes. I love the Transformers.
I love Our Lady Peace, but that doesn't have much to do with anything here. They are a band, not a book genre.
So, there's more to me than all that, but it'll do for now.
Enjoy my writings. If you write, too, chances are I enjoy yours!
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Description: Your soul is so black that there is no possibility of redemption and you take what you want regardless of who gets hurt, then laugh in the face of their pain. A wake of destruction follows you with nothing but madness and desperation in the path tha...


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Invalid__Name posted a message to DarrianLynx
hii I just started reading your book Don't be a Hero, umm for the chapter Reunion the chapter ends at, at any rate. I don't know if this on purpose but I don't think it is and I'd like to know if I should skip it or wait for you to fix it.

The Bible contradicts itself. A lot. And the Old Testament God of Abraham, were he an actual being, is not a nice or loving god. He's jealous, wrathful, commits mass genocide when things dont go his way, and makes a bet with the devil that costs a faithful man everything, including his wife and children. (Job)
He tells Abraham to take his beloved son up on a mountain and kill him to prove his faith and Abraham nearly does it but is stopped by an angel. 
HE screws up, then wipes everyone out because HE didnt get it right. More than once. He's not someone I'd worship in a million years.
Now to bring up the death and war Christianity and Catholicism have brought. Did you know that in no culture that didnt involve these religions was it common to HIT your children? That comes from Christianity and religions following Abrahams god.
The witch trials. Nuff said.
 The Holy War, a war over land that someone billions of years ago entered and said it belonged to them because "God" said so, when there were already people there. It is still going on TODAY and people are still suffering.

To all of you about the religion thing. I have strong feelings when it comes to organized religion. I was raised in an almost cultish environment, beaten as a child because of a misinterpreted verse in the Bible and have memorized it, Old and New King James, throughout school at the Christian church school I went to. We were in church for 4 long 2 to 3 hour services a week.
Now, they used to only allow the priests to handle reading and interpreting the Bible. There's a reason for that. The reason is because giving too much knowledge to the people will cause questions and flaws will be pointed out.

With that, he pushed past her, ignoring the tears that he saw spring to her eyes, and headed out of the kitchen. This coocookachoo conversation is over, he thought.
I know it. He's covering up feelings he doesnt want or need. I felt sorry for her too, but that's the way the story flowed. I don't write this stuff, you know. I have no idea where it comes from, lol!

:) Yes. He is Father Time's responsibility. F.T. isn't programmed to leave punishment to the universe or karma. He doesn't follow my mantra, Harm none and do as you will. He pretty much takes it upon himself to BECOME karma, lol! Judge, jury, executioner. But he never makes a mistake either. Our judicial system makes him sick, it's so faulty and corrupted.