Status: I am planning to post Chapters 2-6 of Mi Familia all at once (2 years ago)


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A million masks but only one person. Long since gone but still walking. I am a man of many words but few ways to say them. My name is not important, so don't try and pry at it. I am a pretty laid back person, and I love music. I play bass, and write in my free time. I still attend school, and it sucks. If you want someone to talk to I can be there. Well that's about all, well I'm out.

Top 3 Bands(genre): 
1. Dope (Industrial Metal)
2. Bullet For My Valentine (Screamo)
3. Sum 41 (Punk)

Top 3 Manga Series:
1. Death Note
2. Rosario+Vampire
3. Vampire Knight

Top 3 Animes:
1. Death Note
2. D. Gray-Man
3. Soul Eater

These are some great people to look at.
My twin brother's page
My little sister's page
And a good friend of mine's page


Stories From The Shadows

Stories From The Shadows

1 page, updated Aug 30, 2012PG-13
18 reads votes 0 comments 0
Mi Familia

Mi Familia

2 parts / 4 pages, updated May 12, 2012PG-13
Brothers: Isao, Takumi, Osamu and sisters: Ren, Akane, and Miyuki; are a normal family. Well maybe not normal, considering the facts that their parents are dead, they live in t... read more
48 reads votes 5 comments 4
The Joke of The Jester: What If Mercutio Lived

The Joke of The Jester: What If Mercutio Lived

1 page, updated Mar 31, 2012PG-13
Oh the king of cats is dead, but not by the hand of dear sweet Romeo. No tis by the hand of Mercutio as he jests to himself for the jester has left the king with the greatest joke of all.
95 reads votes 5 comments 5
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Se vero l'amore fosse come facile da trovare, poiche e di scrivere circa. Poi il mondo amerebbe e poserebbe le loro. Amo est amo
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