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Here's some info about us:

JAS  @DarkLightning:

Hahahaha, Kelsey; SLYTHERIN is way better >;D Yes, Kelsey, it is. Full stop. End of story. CAPITALS ;D 
*NOOOOOOOO, SLYTHERIN SUCKS, Get over it. Ravenclaw is awesome, and the best house EVER! ;D Sorry, no. Sorry, yes. No.

Well, hello, there ;]


I normally read books that are in a series - it makes the story last longer :3 Fallen. The Twilight Saga. Artemis Fowl. Maximum Ride. Wings. The rest of them are on my profile, I can't remember them, now o.o

I dislike most mainstream music and mostly listen to meaningful songs. Forever and Always by Parachute <3 I TOLD HER THAT SONG :O ~Kels She did o;

Bridge to Terabithia ALWAYS makes me cry :'l

Yes, sarcasm is what we do... And I'm extremely annoying at times ;] *YOU STOP COPYING ME, JAS -.-* You're the one copying me.

~ I'll have to continue writing this, later; got things to dooooo. OMG, KELSEY - COPYING ME. *You're the copycat, Jas -.-* I meant for the continuing thing


~:KELS:~ @Moon_Melody

Hahahahahahahahaha, No Jas. Just no. Ravenclaw's the best, full stop. Literally -.- Nope.

Yea, Hi guys XP
Ignore our bickering, that's pretty normal- ayyyyyyyy @DarkMystico ?? XD She would know.

Just for your information, Jas is the hyper one out of us two. I'm the calm one, usually. Although we're both sarcastic, so watch out. But I'm usually pretty nice on here, and in real life ;D Except around Jas. Or if you piss me off. Then you'll get the shock of your life. One time one of my friends pissed me off, and I yelled at her. Lets just say she, along with the rest of my friends that were sitting there, looked pret-ty shocked at my outburst XP Hahahaha ~Omg, yes. She's so mean to me, like wow.

~I'll also continue this later- Other things to do >:P

Hahaha, "calm" ~ Jas


The 2nd Writer Games: Valentines

The 2nd Writer Games: Valentines

42 parts / 31 pages, updated Mar 31, 2013PG-13
Our 2nd Writer Games to celebrate Valentines Day! Packed with pink and the love of killing! ;]
3,487 reads votes 81 comments 267


4 pages, updated Jan 25, 2013PG-13Pictures
Kelsey and I fangirling over TVD on Facebook over a picture? ;] Yes, yes, you wish you were us.
193 reads votes 4 comments 2
The 1st Writer Games: Powers

The 1st Writer Games: Powers

87 parts / 159 pages, updated Jan 12, 2013PG-13
Welcome, Welcome All, To The First Writer Games! *It's the 100th Hunger Games; The 4th Quarter Quell; And this year, the twist is bigger than ever! Join as 2... read more
16,352 reads votes 167 comments 801
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