Dan writes. His wife is the boss and his kids provide the entertainment, imagination and education. His work livess in the realm of horror and supernatural that relies on the characters, but isn't afraid to go into the darker places. It reads like comfort food and blue jeans...if those things went mad and were trying to kill you.
He has four short story collections: "Demons and Other Inconveniences", "What Tangled Webs", "Lunacy", and "How to Eat a Human Being", as well as four novels:  "The Unauthorized Autobiography of Ethan Jacobs", "Giving Up the Ghost", "The Toothless Dead", and "Light as a Feather". 
After all that, his words have been lucky enough to have been included in many anthologies and magazines.

His dream is a terrifying film with his name on it...and there are some in the works.

Watch for those, his next novel, "The Journeyman", a new collection called, "Down the Psycho Path", and more at:
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