I'm a nerd, what more can I say? I have my own sonic screw driver and a mass of sailor moon dolls. I enjoy mostly sci-fi and anime. My grandmother writes and publishes books, so writing and reading have always been a big part of my life. I'm currently working on several Doctor who fictions. Sadly time tends to not be on my side in regards to updating. That and the muse leaves at the most inopportune times.

I have 3 kids and a wonderful husband, who by no fault of mine (Wink) Can not stand my obsessions with the strange.
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Better With Two

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Description: Separated by the Void, Rose must learn who she is and find her way back. This will be the first book, and will tell of roses adventures to get back to the doctor. Will he accept her when she returns?

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OK, so I have organized the research and character notes for the first plot I'm going to take and write up. Its going to be interesting... I've also taken up reading a great book called Around the writers block. I think when my grandmother passes it placed my mind in a very uncreative place. It obviously seems to be helping because I'm writing again. Not with the same kind of quantity but at least its trickling out again. :)
Started sorting through the plots I inherited and I think I know what Im starting with so off to work I go and some time tonight I'm going to start copying all these fics to this computer and my ywriter to get them in order
You, miss, deserve an award! You write such great stories, yet you already have your hands full with work and family! You are an amazing writer, so do take your time updating. I know from experience that for writing to be good, it takes time. A LOT of time. XD Keep up the extraordinary work, my friend!
So I have a new laptop now thanks to my dad and his wonderful surprise in the mail! Thanks dad! So, now it just a matter of transfers and re-reading before re plotting and continuing the stories. So lets just keep it together a bit longer updates will be on the way soon!
I thank you all for your revie a s and vote as well as your understanding in my current situation.. right now I'm working through the legal portion of inheriting me grand mother plots copyrights and unfinished books. updates are coming it's just taking me a minute so please bare with me as I work all of this out
It has been a very difficult month for me and I hope you all understand... Both of my grandparents have passed on. so while all of this is going on I will not be able to update. I will however continue to work on these stories you all love so much.