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I barely slept the night before the Nikah. Safia and I were getting married on Sunday and we had our Walima planned for Friday evening. We wanted the Nikah on a Friday, as it was Sunnah but the timin...
The timing between the engagement and wedding is different according to different cultures and different families my family for example, we have the Shoofa (which is when they see each other and it is okay by Islam and it's actually Sunnah for them to see each other before they're married, it is also a Sunnah for the girl to wear an under the knee dress and take off her hijab so her future husband can see her and she can see him) and then they start texting and talking on the phone, and then after about 6 months there's the Nikah which we call Milka, it is when the contracts are signed so they're officially married but they don't move in with each other (it's totally okay to do so as they are married but it's just tradition) they sort of are like in this dating period where they meet up and go out with each other so they can get to know each other even more, they also prepare for marriage, picking out their house, etc... this takes about 6 months as well. Then the wedding ceremony happens, where they go to they're honeymoon afterwards and live happily ever after. The whole process takes about a year. So yeah this is it for my family, and we live in Saudi Arabia btw :)