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It is impossible to understand how lonely this box must feel.


If you don't like my stories, don't vote. If you do, well... the vote button is there for a reason.
So is the option to fan me, of course.

I don't like bad grammar, it makes stories boring and hard to read. Unless you are 6 and below (my 7 year old brother has good grammar already) you should try to understand grammar. Use it goodly. (Haha, get it? No? Well, fine.)

"Haters gonna hate", but I can hate right back.

Go ahead and vote. I'll give you this cookie. It's chocolate chip.
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Tell Me I'm Pretty

Tell Me I'm Pretty

2 pages, updated Nov 05, 2011
233 reads votes 6 comments 4
Can't stop

Can't stop

5 pages, updated Nov 05, 2011PG-13Completed
68 reads votes 3 comments 1


4 parts / 7 pages, updated Nov 04, 2011PGPictures
Ten years ago, a little boy named Jace disappeared. Now, Stephanie Gomez is eighteen and ready to find her childhood sweetheart. The most chilling part is that once her search begi... read more
281 reads votes 10 comments 8
For Eternity

For Eternity

1 page, updated Oct 28, 2011Completed
A poetic description of what marriage is supposed to be
28 reads votes 1 comments 4


2 pages, updated Oct 28, 2011PG-13Completed
It was the worst nightmare she has ever gotten, and the only one she couldn't wake up from. Even though she is running, screaming, as far as her legs can carry her, can she run fast enough from this awful terror?
66 reads votes 2 comments 1
The Magic of Plane Sixteen [On Hold]

The Magic of Plane Sixteen [On Hold]

9 pages, updated Sep 16, 2011
tags / magic romance
28 reads votes 1 comments 0
Lost Love [On Hold]

Lost Love [On Hold]

4 pages, updated Aug 09, 2011PG
With so much loss at one time, how can one woman, one family, go on past that fateful car crash?
80 reads votes 2 comments 1
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It Started with Ice Cream, and Ended with FangsInfliction (A Sequel to Infection)

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Conduit (Sample Chapters 1-5)It Started with Ice Cream, and Ended with FangsWhat He Left BehindCrescent Sun: Twilight Saga After Breaking Dawn (2nd Place Watty Awards 2011)

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That was just... amazing. Purely amazing. I am totally fine with the sequel being published rather than uploaded here as long as I get to read it...
Conduit (Sample Chapters 1-5)

This is a wonderfull story, but you should put a little work into your punctuation, it's a bit difficult to read without things like commas and...

It Started with Ice Cream, ...

She did a great job on this chapter.
It Started with Ice Cream, ...