Status: ever feel like your doing everything right yet still nothing good ever happens to you (3 weeks ago)


Name Da'Jah
Location somewhere ur not ... haha :)
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well...hum im very random i often day and i have a VERY short attention span and often switch the situation,now im not dumn or anything but im not the brightest apple in the bunch but i manage

DANCE <3 i love dance 

i love to skate sing and do gymnasticts and play the guitar and piano i like the piano and singing the best though well besides dancing 

i dont write  

PARAMORE-well i am in love with them they are the best band ever and for all those who dont like thier music well you can suck it because they are GREAT

i tink thats enough about me so bye bye

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Lolz (Comes in March)

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im sorry but this is kinda not realistic no just married women or even married women would just leave her husband for a year no women is even...
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lmao you used the lyrics from break even
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the guy on the cover is dave franco ,i think?
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i am super glad your back and im happy that your mom's surgery went well

you must not really care about writing if your gonna give up i was a passion of yours you wouldn't make a "test" so do what you want
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