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Name Da'Jah
Location somewhere ur not ... haha :)
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i eat,sleep,breath CHEER
yessss it is a sport and i guarantee the people who say its not have never done cheer a day in their lives it is hard and not all pom poms and body glitter and bows its hard work and dedication

i love MUSIC it helps me get through life when times and hard and it just makes me happy some of my favorites are (but not limited to)
Iggy Azaela 
Ed Sheran
Maroon 5
Big Sean
Ariana Grande
Tori Kelly 
SoMo and whole but bunch more..

im not really good at writing but i have really good ideas so if you need some just come and ask
i LOVE watching tv shows my favorite shows are
Vampire Diaries ( DAMON!!!! i think he should find somebody better than Elena)
Criminal Minds (Matthew Gray Gubler is the sexiest nerd i have ever seen in my life i love him so much and if you see or write any story about him PLEASE let me know)
Being Human
The Fosters
Baby Daddy

-DAJAH pronounced (Day-ja)
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Lolz (Comes in March)

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