R.I.P Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan. 


Bands I've Seen:
(top six are my favorite)
The Defiled* (x1)
Motionless in White* (x4)
Asking Alexandria* (x4)
Avenged Sevenfold* (x1)
Vampires Everywhre/The Killing Lights* (x7)
Ice Nine Kills* (x2)
Escape the Fate (x2)
Bring Me The Horizon (x1)
Glamour of the Kill (x2)
Macklemore (x1)
Davey Suicide (x3)
Falling In Reverse (x5)
Attila (x2)
New Years Day (x2)
Chealse Grin (x2)
All That Remains (x2)
For All Those Sleeping (x3)
Issues (x2)
Kuza (x1)
Deff Leopard (x1) 
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Trashed and Scattered

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Description: A secret vampire society living among humans. Two vamps could careless about the secrecy, which is way the rest are one the look out for them. The two hid as band members in a hit band called Red Death. When the get signed up with a big named band...

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