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G'day ..

*I'm Australian if you haven't already gathered ^^
*The name's Briony. (Pronounced Bry-nee. Stupid name, blame mah parents -.-)
*I do like cupcakes, but I'm not in love with them
*I'm really small for my age (14)
*I hate learning Italian
*I love chocolate.
*I love playing netball.
*I like making movies, then editing them :)
*Writing is my favourite past-time, I love it with a passion ;)
*I <3 all mah girlfriends - Brianna, Georgia, Bella, Paris, Abbey, Tess, ++ heaps more ;)
*And of course, all mah guy friends - Danny, Aaron, Tyler, James, Lachie, Peter, Joel, Tom, ++ heaps more again. I have a lot a friends ;)

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Thanks for taking the time to read this far, it's really appreciated :)

Think of all those writers here on Wattpad - half of them go unoticed (I would be one of them), when really their work is as good as the one's in the top 10 of the What's Hot? list. 
Check out the "Undiscovered Gems" club, and give some time to explore those writers.

Lastly, a HUGEEEEEEEEEEE shout out to grasshopper, HoneyBear97, Viperzz4, ParisWoods and lilmoe for making watty accounts to support, read, vote, comment mah stories. loveyous.

      ---cupcakekisses. muah. :)


The Lone Tree

The Lone Tree

7 parts / 13 pages, updated Mar 17, 2011PG-13
19 year old Carrie Tree has never found love. But it's her parent's expectation to find it. So when her brother-in-law's brother Jake comes into the picture, will Carrie have ... read more
1,056 reads votes 26 comments 15
The Awkward Moment when you Fall in Love with Justin Bieber!

The Awkward Moment when you Fall in Love with Justin Bieber!

3 parts / 7 pages, updated Mar 09, 2011PG-13
Lacey Broadford - singer, chocolate eater and Justin Bieber hater. Well, so she thought. With one brief chat with him over webcam, she thought... read more
1,330 reads votes 14 comments 12
It's Not Heaven, But It's Year Seven!

It's Not Heaven, But It's Year Seven!

10 parts / 44 pages, updated Jan 02, 2011PGCompleted
Belle Castellan never uses the word perfect. Her clothes aren't perfect, her hair isn't perfect, and her family are DEFINETLY are not perfect. But wh... read more
1,869 reads votes 18 comments 10


1 page, updated Dec 30, 2010Completed
156 reads votes 5 comments 6
Running a Dream

Running a Dream

1 page, updated Dec 30, 2010GCompleted
541 reads votes 13 comments 22

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