This is how i get laid 
      Me: You remind me of my little toe
      Hot girl/guy: Why cause im small and cute?
      Me: No cause ill bang you on my coffee table later 
      Hot girl/guy- *laughs* mhhm we will see *holds my hand* 
      Me: Off we go ;)
      Next one ...
      Me: The word of the day is LEGS ... lets go to my place and spread the word ;)
      Girl: *10minuts later* Ohhhhhhh 
      **Seriously it works**
      ~ The name is Ky ... short and simple 
      ~ Im 16 going on 17 
      ~ Bisexual but im really gay ;)
      ~ Im like a secret nerd i love books <3
      ~ Im one of them assholes who find evreything dirty .... so sorry for taking shit the wrong way 
      ~ Weed is ma buddeeehhhhhh 
      ~ If i flirt with you dont actually mean i like you but ill let you know if i do ;)
      ~ I live for sex ... 
      ~ Im not one for comitment u never know though 
      ~ Im straight forward ... dont give a fuck for yur feelings unless ur important 
      @WhenSkittlesAttack >> My real life stoner buddeehhhh wer little fucktards always causin havoc ... she so damn fine i get a boner thinking of her;) if i did comitment she wud so be my girl ... anyways DONT upset or hurt her ill fucking chop ur tits off nd shove em so high up ur ass i doubt ill get my hand out ;) FAN HER
      Hmu? ask me anything ill reply
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