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~I am 16 years old.
~I am in the profile picture
~Fuck love. Fuck dating. Im done.
~Suicidal. Don't try to change me.
~I am me and nothing more.
~Talk to me?

~I am 17.
~In the background picture
~Single. IDGAF
~Talk to me?

~Single or Taken. Not telling.
~Drugs <3

~Single.. Wanna change that?

~Dont give a fuck.
~Dont believe in love.
~I live for sex. Lets fuck
~Leave me. Idc.

~Pansexual; Single
~Love? What is it? 
~Trust issues.

Paradise is no longer with us. On April 24 at 10pm he shot himself in the stomach and then in the head. At 10:50 pm the doctors pronounced him dead. RIP big brother. I love you
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Sorry to say, but I know your profile is fake. I've seen quite alot of people with that same picture. 
Why the hell are you saying all this stuff about suicide over there <-------------- ?
Suicide and self-harm isn't a joke.  Just be yourself, you have no need to try to be someone, or in this case, 6 other people.