Questions and The Birthing Explosions are short stories, and I plan on keeping them that way. I'm satisfied with the ending. 

Crossroads (probably slow updates due to school)

I hope you enjoy my work!
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Description: "What if I told you I could give you your heart's desire, and only for a small price? Guaranteed happiness." "At what cost?" I feel a million miles away as she leans in and whispers "Your soul."

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These Feelings

These Feelings

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Questions (Doctor Who Short story)

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When Clara goes away for a few months, the Doctor finds a new companion for a while. Little does he know...

The Birthing Explosion

The Birthing Explosion

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In the last 30 years, the earth has become wildly overpopulated. Rules and regulations have been set to...


You know that thing I said I wouldn't do, the whole "drop off the face of the earth without ever updating" thing? That thing I said I wouldn't do?


I'm really sorry about that. Finals are kicking my butt and I've felt so dead inspiration wise. It's kind of hard to write about something like this, considering BENEDICT IS NOW ENGAGED. (who else is excited? I am!)

But I don't want to just leave this story unfinished, so I will work on it when I get time, but I don't know when that is. I'm so sorry, and for those of you that have stuck around, bless you. I'm just stuck in a rut (again) and I just need motivation. Thank you for your patience.
I'm coming round the bend on chapter 7, so keep an eye out for that in the next (several) days. (who knows how long it could be; let's face it, school's awful).