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Name Dylan
Location Utah
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Hi, I'm Dylan.
Nice to meet you.

I'm not really sure what to put in here, but I guess I'll start with telling you about me.
I'm 15, from Utah (the most boring of places), and I am monsterously unoriginal. Like, seriously, there is nothing interesting about me. A few basic facts: I play the guitar. I have a weird obsession with office/school supplies, home decor, and John Green. I love reading, but am weirdly specific about what I'll read. I am a huge coffee snob (but that's what I get for having a dad who owns a coffee shop...). I HATE sleeping (I think it's mostly because I hate thinking that there is someone, somewhere, doing something whilst I am lying there unconcious). I have anxiety and depression (GASP). My secret stupid wish is to be a musician. I like being girly, but I'm not very good at it.

So yeah, I guess that's me. If you want to ask me any more questions, you can message me or ask me on tumblr ('website' link).
I love you and stuff.
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