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I love romance stories, I love imagining those scenarios for myself.
Which is why I love fiction, a world where you can see anything or be anything you want, no restrictions, everything is possible and everything is believable. 
(Now I sound corny but it's true)


Moments of Impact

Moments of Impact

3 pages, updated Mar 17, 2014
Moments. Seconds, minutes, days. Moments. Moments that change lives. Moments that change people. Moments that make them discover themselves or lose themselves. They're all just moments. Moments of impact.
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The Big, Bad Wolf and his Pack

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Authors and their readers man :(
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This was so mean
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What what what no what about Mori or Tark or whatever oh my god she can't no
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Oh my god what
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See it's a shame, bc I loved that book, but I can't stand the constant referring to it everyone seems to be doing
Motel 6 [Niall Horan]