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HELLO! I am not new here by the way, my orginal account is Helterskelter, but I wanted to put my original stories here. Thanks!

Message me anytime! I am very friendly. Just ask RollingPinkledwho she's my best friend!

Words to describe me.  .  . 


Don't have a facebook no more but I do have instagram! Follow maybe? @mcribbin (I love mcribs

I am artist and not a shabby writer, but the thing that I'm a retard at is music and istruments, I am in band but mostly cause my friends. Other than that I suck

The instruments I play are Bass Clarinet <3, clarinet, and cymbals. Oh and I'm a total marching band geek by the way! This year I was in pit with the electronics but next year wish me luck to drumline! Or back to the beautiful bass clarinet :D

Oh and I don't do the whole you fan me and I fan back thing. So if that's why you're here you're wasting your time! 

(To be continued...)


The Pink Ali

The Pink Ali

4 parts / 6 pages, updated Jan 07, 2013PG-13
Ali is a comic book hoarding geek, dork, and nerd. When a old mail in offer for her favorite superhero is up she gladly mails it in. When the special drink comes, she drinks ... read more
675 reads votes 33 comments 21


1 page, updated May 08, 2012PG-13
One dies. One survives. This is the story of Tm Murdoc and his brutal murder June 9, 2012.
84 reads votes 5 comments 11
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My first thought goddamnit Nina and then I was like screaming into the air God forgive me and bless Nina's drunken soul! But at the was like this...
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Oh I like it and update! :DD
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