Hello, there's nothing to know about me except that I'm beyond hooked to Wattpad.
      I literally spend more time in here than I do for my studies =P and no I'm definitely NOT failing!!!!
      I hate liars, backstabbers, two faced SOB'S.
      I hate ignorant people, people who have so much pride that they think low of others.
      I love music, a good mind blowing action film, and like a typical girl I love shopping!!!
      Anything else you want to know about me just PM me, IM me, or post a message or something ^_^
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CrimsonNyx commented on scratch - Chapter 22 OUTTAKE

I gotta admit I feel bad for Victoria, all this time she has been cheering her sister on when in the end her mate always loved and wanted  Lana more he loved Victoria.....he and Lana deserves each other with how selfish they are.....Victoria deserves a second chance mate, a way better one