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Who am I? I guess I'd told u if I knew...

-I'm a Creepy Dreamer and dark fairytales make my heart sore!
-When I like something, I become so passionate that I can't stop thinking about it (that's why I'm easilly heartbroken...).
-Im naive... too naive but if I realise that u are playin with me u'd wish we had nevaaaaa crossed paths!
-I'm not psycho, maybe a little twisted and it's highlly possible that we dont see the world from the same point of view.... I'm used to it though, usually I'm too philosofical to be understandable :p
-I daydream all the time and thats why I'm dangerous while crossin roads... Basically while u are readin              this (seriusly why are u readin this? o.O) there are 98% possibilities that I'm makin a crazy and probably too-great-to-be-true scenario! For your own good dont ask about the other 2%...:p
-My relationship with books and movies looks like more of a Hate-Passion one... Im dyin for a good story but then Im really pissed off that nothin sooooooooo amazing won't ever happen to me :$
-I'm not a writer, but I make my own videos and short movies!
-I think I'm kind of obsessed with the subject of "luuuuv"... seriusly now... relationships in real life make me wanna puke, but when it comes to imaginary stuff everything looks so adorable ^.^
-If it was up to me, I'd be reborn in the US...
-Plus I've got a british accent but I'm not british! lol...
-I was random much before it was cool! :3
-Ow! I almost forgot it! I'm married to Peter Pan every since I was 2!

Fave quotes: "We stop checkin for Monsters under our beds, when we realise they are inside us" -Joker (creepy but true!), "It's better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation" Michael Jackson (mj fan to death<3) "Real eyes realise real lies!" -Anonymous...

Gotta a question? Ask me!
See ya online! <3

P.S. I think Im obsessed with boys' names that start with "C"


The Cheerleading Façade

The Cheerleading Façade

5 parts / 7 pages, updated Aug 10, 2013PG-13VideoPictures
I’d always been reading all those cliché stories about that low profile girl and the popular guy but no one had informed me that the totally opposite could ev... read more
3,314 reads votes 64 comments 29

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@naturaldisasterlove @love_cheermka Hey! to tell u the truth I had actually abandomned wattpad and i believed that nobody actually read...
The Cheerleading Façade

A/N: The next update when the chapter reaches 100 reads! :) xoxo
The Cheerleading Façade

@RosemaryBlue *whispering* dont tell anyone but nick's appearence is based on a true story of mine and believe me he's HOT! ;)
The Cheerleading Façade

@con97sider :)))
The Cheerleading Façade

@RosemaryBlue Awwww thank u! To tell u the truth i had kinda lost my motivation to this story but right now i wanna start writting already! :D
The Cheerleading Façade

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