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One fact to keep in anyones mind that stops by this account. I LOVE VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!! 
I'm extremely random and PSYCHO! Hahahah! Well, not the demented skitzo you see down the street talking to himself but the one that has to be in a straight-jacket! XO heheheh! I survive off ramen, oreos and pepsi, occasionally a coke but not often. T_T I am indeed scene/emo. No I do NOT cut myself -.- it's very stereotype if you see us that way... I'm actually very cheerful, friendly and even though I dress in dark colors 24/7 anyone can come up to me and Id gleefully strike up a conversation. I'm also a dork. A MAJOR dork. Lol yes, im admitting it. Remember folks! Acceptance is the first step to recovery! XD My music references ranges from gothic metal like Sirenia and Nightwish to Classics like Elvis Presley. Come to think of it, Im open to any music! If you want me to listen to a song, I'll listen to it. I'm a very open and caring person, also I am categorized as the mother of my group. heh. My favorite dogs are papillons! They look so cuddly! Fav animal is an armadillo, very random... Lol You'd never see my without my studded bracelet on me left wrist and/or my spider ring on my ring finger, why there? It feels right. ;D My hair is pitch black and i dyed my side bangs white for dramatic effect. Because of it, I am the school freak... But whatever! I love it! I WILL marry Alex Gaskarth! And nothing will stop me! ^^ My world revolves around my kitten Spooky! If anything happened to her, I'd die. She says HI!!! I love to read! So suggestions are always welcomed! 
Well, that's all I've got for now... If you wanna chat, I've got a facebook! Raven Seminar! :D Add me!!!!!!! NAOOOO!!! >:D 
Just tell me you're from wattpad. Don't wanna write a stalker! O.O
Love, RAVEN! <3
P.S. Does anyone know how to make these longer? Cos I've seen people with EXTREMELY long ones!!! I want a long one too! 


Love The Job. Hate The Client!

Love The Job. Hate The Client!

4 parts / 12 pages, updated Feb 06, 2011PGPictures
You know when you have that one neighbor you highly despise? It rocks, doesn't it? Especially when he's the opposite gender and shouldn't be hitting you bac... read more
6,629 reads votes 183 comments 134

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@Wannabeghost A loooooooooooooooooooooong time ago, you came up with WHERE the gig was gonna be at :3 And after so many months, I thank you for...
Love The Job. Hate The Client!

@Wannabeghost No, no, no! Thank YOU! :D
Love The Job. Hate The Client!

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It's interesting! I MUST know what stopped her dead in her tracks! ^^ Keep writing and I'll keep reading! :)
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Great short chappie!!! :D Haha! Lieutenant Sarcasm! XD I LOVE THAT!!!!! Also loved "What I learned out of the whole thing was that Ashley's...
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