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I luuuuuuvv Lord of the Rings, Harry Pottuuhh,  Vampire Diaries, Pirates of the Caribbean and soooo much more!!!

I don't write stories, I try to, but I know I'll never finish them, and my English is not that good :S

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I am Unknown
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Wuthering Heights
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Pride and Prejudice
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Once Upon a Time
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Oeh sounds interesting. Good start!
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A tip, don't describe the character and what she liks and hates in just one huge paragraph. It sounds much better if you describe when the story...
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Hooooly shit!! That was absolutely amazing!! :D I finished it al within... Lemme think.. 21 hours :) It was a really original idea and the...
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I hope everything's alright in RL.. Great story! Absolutely hilarious! Especially Milo, Christen and DK :D
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