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The Bitter-Sweet Thoughts of a Once Loving Sailor .

The Bitter-Sweet Thoughts of a Once Loving Sailor .

2 parts / 1 page, updated Jun 07, 2012G
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Ahh, no way. As if you dedicated this chapter to me, that's sweet man. :3 Nice job, by the way. Confession ? I was smiling like an idiot...
Broken Trucks

Favourite favourite favourite ending .

AWWWHHH .! Cx Sorry. Outburst. Had to. ;3 Fantastic story though . I'm pumped to see what's next for this story. C:
Broken Trucks

Man , me and my brother ALWAYS fight over the shower . Cx Anyways this is an awesome story so far, (: You guys are doing awesome .
Broken Trucks

haha , brilliant ! A party ! Cx
Broken Trucks

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