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I'm an aspiring author who has wanted to write a novel and get it published for some time. I had no idea this site existed until I read an article on The Guardian online (a British newspaper). About a young English woman who used it to submit a few chapters for her novel, The Dark Heroine ( a book which has gotten published and given the author a six figure sum). Not that I'm hoping that would happen because believe me, NOTHING like that would ever happen to me. Really, I must have bad luck. 

I'm a fan of espionage movies and tv series (like Lara Croft, Salt, Bond, Hanna, Gone, Spooks, and Strike Back). Vampires aren't really my thing ( I faint at the sight of lots of blood), however, after doing some research I learned they can be symbols of something. LIke feeling like an outsider or being unconventional in society's ways. I'm also an advocate of women's rights, so I like having strong female characters. Infact, my novel on here, Fangs and Bullets, has an anti-Bella Swann protagonist: Ivy C. Hammond. The C stands for Constance, a middle name I think suits the character. I chose the name Ivy after researching that the flower symbolizes "protection"- a concept which is present throughout the novel. As both a vampire and an operative of MI6, she must save the world from mortal threats ( ie. terrorism) and immortal threats ( rogue vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, etc). Paradoxically, both "fangs" and "bullets" are equated with "death". 

I'm also a fan of exercise, nutrition, dark chocolate, the celebrity Orlando Bloom, The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings franchise, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, horses, cats, dogs, art, music,photography, fashion, and travel.


Fangs and Bullets

Fangs and Bullets

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I'm Ivy Hammond. You might not have heard of me yet.. It's because I'm two secret things. If you want to know what they are, do one thing: read the following pages.
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Clever title. I like it. I've read the first few pages, and it's very humourous. Good job at writing something so original!
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