I am a writer and lifelong fan of fantasy and science fiction. I grew up reading everything from "The Lord of the Rings" to the Redwall series. In the seventh grade, I once slapped the class bully across the face because he didn't know what a Cthulhu was. In high school, I invented the stories of the Teen Rebels and Temmy & Venus, both of which have evolved to the teen fiction that I has began to favor in recent years.

The kinds of stories I generally write (besides fan fiction) are drama, mystery, science-fiction, and fantasy. Most of my stories are just watered-down versions of real life, and the problems that come from it.

Also, there are some stories that will be written here solely for this site, and they will be either short stories or continuations of stories that I have abandoned. And some stories that just crop up when I'm in the mood. In short, you'll never know what I'm going to be writing next.
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The Secret Library Guardians: The Seventh Secret

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Description: On October 7, 2257, 14-year-old Elva Shepherd and 17-year-old Troy Branden are snatched from their homes on a post-apocalyptic Earth and taken to a strange land called Ostlea, which is located in Iasteron, which is an alternative version of the plan...

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Classical Movements (Temmy & Venus 2010 edition)

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Charlie Bone vs. Twilight

Charlie Bone vs. Twilight

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