Status: Waiting till NaNoWriMo so i can finally start writing out my great ideas (10 months ago)


Name Kerlisha
Location In the music room :)
Member Since Dec 02, 2011
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Things I like:
I like to read and write (pretty obvious)
I like to play my Viola
I like collecting buttons
I like to draw
I love pastels
I LOVE upcycling clothes
I do love all genres and types of music, books, food, or anything. I'm not that picky! :D

Favorite TV shows: Teen Wolf, Ravenswood, PLL 
Favorite movie: Transformers (i'm a sci-fi freak)
2nd favorite movie: Inception
Favorite book: Wake by Lisa McMann
Favorite author: Maggie Steivater
Favorite series: Maximum ride

I'm a Directioner (had to put that out There)

MY JOINT ACCOUNTS: @TheFantastic_Two and; @crossout
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You have a way with words Dapheney! Can't wait to read more :D

I love your writing style. Your vivids make everything sound so beautiful.
Remembering Autumn

I almost finished this in two settings but I want more. I'll be waiting for that update :) (no pressure)
Seven Dates For Seven Dorks

I'm already in love with Armie, and Spencer has the awesomest personality ever.
Seven Dates For Seven Dorks

Wow. I really don't read stories like this but I am loving everything about it. And it's only the first chapter! Keep up the good work :)
Seven Dates For Seven Dorks