Hello Chloe here! I am addicted to Harry potter (although recently I haven't read or watched any of it,which is about to change) and Anime and Music. I love rock music! Please check out my stories and if you enjoy give them a vote: ) So I thought I should tell you I have become a Taylor Swift fan,I don't know what has happened but well yeah... I have related to most of her songs and my fav has to be either Blank Space,22,Shake it off or I knew you were trouble.. 
Right now I am also in love with anime. For example my favourite is SAO (sword art online)  Although my second is Death Note.   I love Papa Roach x Check out @Lily-Potter's stories she is an amazing writer and vote, comment on her stories. Why not follow her as well? Thank you!!!! (The link will change everytime there is another song stuck in my head. Go on, see what song I can't get out of my mind.)
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Is it for the better or for the worse?

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Description: This is a fan-fiction . Severus adopts a girl who has a sucky life and they suddenly begin to bond. (One of my stories off Quotev)


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Sorry I have updated in so long. I have been really stressed and rough the past few weeks. When i get back from my trip, which will be Wednesday,i'll begin reading the updates I have missed then begin writing again. Sorry again...