ι ĸnow, one day yoυ'll no longer тнere ғor мe. ι ĸnow yoυ'll нave тo ғace yoυr own lιғe, yoυ wιll вecoмe мoтнer тo yoυr cнιld and a wιғe тo yoυr нυѕвand. and ι wanт тo тнanĸ yoυ, ғor вeιng parт oғ мy lιғe. ι wιll never ғorgeт yoυ all, мy вelιeвerѕ. -jυѕтιn вιeвer❤


I love food... Got a problem then GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!! Hehe I'm Irish, Blackfoot Indian, German, and of course, American! Hehe continuing with my celebrity obsessions....

My best friend EVER is Lauryn Morgan (LarLar613)! She has a really great books!!! Please read them!

I ALSO LOVE ONE DIRECTION SO MUCH!! I can't even explain how much I ADORE THEM!!!!! Most of the time I just randomly scream One Direction quotes!!!
↬ July 23rd, at 8:22pm, 5 strangers were put together to form a group called One Direction.
577 days, 21 hours and 37 minutes later, they won a Brit award.
❒Taken ❒Single ✔Waiting for 5 special boys to magically fall into my life!

SELENA MARIE GOMEZ!!!!! saw her in concert on 8/21/11! I love her!!

One Direction (EK IKR)-7/6/13 8/13/14
Justin Bieber- 7/17/13
And of course selena is up there^^^

One Direction
Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez
Austin Mahone
Little Mix

Torn Apart -mine
Changing Our Lives -@1Dcrazedtwins
Eliza Esme Cullen -@LarLar_Chloe
that's it, for now!
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