Well I guess I have to write in this box someday, so this is the day.The reason why I it took me so long to write in this is because something that you must know about me is I'm freakishly scared of Stalkers, Creepers and Hackers. So if you are one of these people please close this page.

So the things I will tell you about me and I am pretty sure they are very irrelevant to any Hackers, Stalkers and Creepers...

1. I adore sushi, green tea and chocolate!
2. I am a big fan of Tim Burton and Wes Anderson (Movie Directors).
3. I am scared of Hackers, Stalkers, Creepers and Boy Bands...I don't know what it is about boys bands, but I've never been a big fan of them...they're fans are pretty frightening. 
4. I just love to read. My favourite authors would be Rick, Riordan, Holly Black, Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, Robert Munsch and all the other brilliant authors that have yet to be mentioned. 
5. The things I truly hate is one, waking up in the morning and someone is trying to speak to me, I am already trying to understand why I was not born a vampire and then someone's trying to talk to me...life is truly hard; Screamo Music I hate it, if you somehow stumble upon this page and find it offending well have a good life.
6. Finally, I am deathly afraid of Mary Antoinette dolls. Those things are so creepy, their soulless, beady eyes just staring at you, plotting your death every second. 

That would be the end of things "About Me".
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