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icon: usually me.

I've been writing since as long as I remember. Though I apologize lately
if my life has been taking over the time of my writing, but I am trying my best.
My stories are either about: Same Sex, Short Stories, Birthday Dedications, or Poetry,
or if I were to add other genres.

My info: Bisex. || 8teen || Single

 @Amyscence & @vee_ano & @Nazaro ; are my favorite writers.
I'm listed as @Nazaro 's biggest fan.


Poems of Charlie Estes

Poems of Charlie Estes

13 parts / 3 pages, updated Oct 02, 2013
Basically poems I've written and created. Do not steal.
487 reads votes 62 comments 9
Viano's Birthday

Viano's Birthday

2 pages, updated Mar 15, 2012RVideoPicturesCompleted
A friend of Charlie's, Viano, is her birthday and he expresses his love and friendship for her.
1,677 reads votes 42 comments 10
I Couldn't Tell

I Couldn't Tell

21 parts / 30 pages, updated Feb 11, 2012RVideoPicturesCompleted
(a boyxboy) Between a senior boy's secret, Jeydon Synner and his best friend Kareen Hine, Jeydon thinks he has fallen in love with his close friend that he knew for two y... read more
61,119 reads votes 932 comments 85
Happy Valentines Day, Beautiful.

Happy Valentines Day, Beautiful.

2 pages, updated Feb 10, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
A short story about a man who explains his true love for the love of his life on Valentines Day, but there's something wrong. The main theme for this story, is to appreciate what you have.
1,068 reads votes 94 comments 44
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The Perfect Tears
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Finally fucking finished this shett. hejfhehf. Happy for them.
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I enjoy this. My ass is twitching.
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@Tiggermazz You were still supporting my story and I did wish to give dedication for those who do. I still need some dedication to some others, so...
I Couldn't Tell

He sure asked him out too soon. I'm curious for Kayden's answer.
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I really can't wait for the next chapter. Even seeing my name turns me on. lol no. I didn't mean that. Charlie shall comfort Brandon.
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