Happy Endings:
A clichéd conclusion in which all loose ends are tied up and all main characters are content. 

I like happy endings because sometimes life gives you enough shit to experience your own horror stories to end one badly. And some stories start off bad to end up good while others end bad for a good reason. Happy endings can give someone a sense that everything can turn out alright no matter how cliche and sometimes happy endings is all we can believe in to keep sane.

Call me naive and say that life doesn't always end in happy endings but it doesn't mean you can't hope. I have my fair share of t that the happy endings I imagine and write help me escape... no matter how much my mind tries to make it bad. But sometimes what may seem bad may be actually good.... not all happy endings end if happily ever after.

I guess what I am trying to say is that what may seem as a dirty rock can actually be a diamond.
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Description: "Who are you?" he asked, his green eyes swirling with annoyance yet wonder. "Who are you?" I asked with a slight edge in my voice, "Why are you in my studio too?"

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