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Name Ceci Catano
Location Capital of the world! :)
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My world was turned upside down this past year and I went away. 
My fearless leader, SIP- 05/31/39-03/30/13

But I am back intermittently.

Something about me- I raise funds for Parkinson's research! Wanna help?!

In the NYC area? Hit me up about our fundraisers on 04/01/14 and 04/23/14! =]

blah blah blah unique; shermernermer special

rollercoaster of emotions, tilted halo, devilish GLOW.

rainbows and sprinkles for you and you and you!

Eff you, Eff you, YOU'RE cool, Eff you!

*drops mic* PEEEEEACE! *dueces up*
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Such a silly girl! So cute!
A Witchling's Rites

Such a silly girl! So cute!
A Witchling's Rites

Love! Just sad that Delacourt will def go after her and poor Mary will be devestated.
A Witchling's Rites

Bum bum buuuuuum!
A Witchling's Rites

Well deserved @alice_iceflower! I got chills! Good to have you! Can't wait!
A Witchling's Rites