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Hey to all know any good books let me know plus read all of makeandoffers books cause she is amazing... If I add u its because ur stories r amazing or something on ur profile caught my attention through creativity or being catchy either way u can can fan me back if u like ;)!

Obama 2012

BIGGER than that

TUPAC @ 2014

Even I can still dream that! ;-) 

Please be here somehow when that time comes.


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so glad to know I'm not the only one who feels she's a dumb diseased lil u know
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there are more than ten comments posted by fans get over the f word those fans don't deserve to be marked offensive
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apparently watt pad is putting the f word as offensive that or someone commenting did but you know what if you don't like it don't read it don't...
The End of Summer

Damn I love you I'm a bigger girl and I'm ok with it but nothing pisses me off more than when smaller girls go on about being fat but are not I...
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Dear I think I absolutely f***ing love you I just like you had to know what the fuss was about and fortunately from what you wrote should be glad...
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