My name is Emily Renee Faith St Claire Grace Russo and i am 16, Thanks to my amazing friends i am currently in love with One Direction, Little Mix and 5 Seconds Of Summer and more <3

So i should tell you about myself, Im straight, single and i have a dream and that dream is super important to me.

My Dream?

To help millions of kids around the world smile. I want to make girls not just think but believe there beautiful, i want to make a kid who has nothing to believe in have hope for a better future, i want to make a sick kid smile, i want to make kids believe there strong and worth living because they should not be in a hospital bed, i want to walk away at the end of the day and say i made that kid smile when so many ungrateful people complain about things that don't even matter, i want to dress up like a idiot and dance like a crazy person on drugs, i want to take photos and tell stupid jokes just to see those kids smile because that's what is important to me. ❤

Gay is ok ❤









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Peace out girl scout xxx
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Well Thank You Captain Obvious....~One Direction FanFic~

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Description: When we have nothing left we give up on fighting, when we have no reason to live so we give ourselves a resonance to die, when there is no hope we stop believing. But all we need is an adventure and a dream to accomplish anything, this makes us stro...

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We're Just Friends....Right? ~1D Fan Fiction~

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They both need reassurance, harry needs it in a way that after his break up with ed he has become self conscious and Doubtful. He needs constant reassurance to know that everything is okay.
Louis needs reassurance because of what happened with stan has left a deep wound that will never fully heal, he needs reassurance that no matter how he acts his action effect people they will still support and love him.