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Greetings Earthlings- I am Catherine- that totally weird girl that writes stories!! Im 16 and I live in London!! (woo go London 2012 Olympics yayah) and I love too many things; Harry Potter, One Direction, Doctor Who, Hunger Games, Sherlock, Merlin, Divergent and all things awesome (like food- food is awesome)

So stick around, read my stories, have a chat with me! My MOMMY SAYS THAT IM SPECIAL!!

So yh, I like writing because you can really jump into somebody else's shoes and have fun! And I love to entertain people so when I get really nice comments and votes, I smile like a big cheesehead!! (<- that was autocorrect- what a lovely word!)

So yeah love you guys muchly and keep reading, because reading rocks!


The Doctor and The Nurse (Doctor Who Fan-Fiction)

The Doctor and The Nurse (Doctor Who Fan-Fiction)

9 parts / 23 pages, updated Jul 15, 2013PG
The Doctor- The oncoming storm, his name causing armies to flee. Loved by many but hated by the rest. India Lockhart came under the hate ca... read more
5,727 reads votes 194 comments 70
Hidden Stars (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Hidden Stars (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

39 parts / 103 pages, updated Jul 05, 2013PG-13Pictures
Summer Malfoy (yes Malfoy) didnt expect to knocked down by the one and only Louis Tomlinson on the way to school. And soon everyone knows about it!... read more
65,006 reads votes 370 comments 255
Well, What if I dont want to be a Witch? (On Hold and Un-editted)

Well, What if I dont want to be a Witch? (On Hold and Un-editted)

12 parts / 22 pages, updated Dec 30, 2011PG-13Pictures
For Chelsea Adams ,Modern is her middle name, Blackberrys, Computers you name it she loves it. But when she is thrown into the world of ma... read more
2,878 reads votes 23 comments 10

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