Once upon a time there lived a me. I have forgotten the rest of the story but I'm pretty sure you remember it. Maybe you should tell someone. But remember not to tell too many people. Don't need the word getting out. Or maybe I do....who knows. 

If I've said it once, I'll go ahead and say it again. Buy me muffins. But don't tell anyone. Kay?
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Run Darlin' Run

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Description: One big mistake. My mistake was answering the door. My mistake was letting him step inside. My mistake was allowing him to catch me. My mistake was not screaming. My mistake was leaving. My mistake was falling in love with him. But maybe my mistake...

@Tanikel awe *hugs you* thank for trying hun! I know, I was not, to say the least, a happy camper when I found out. I'm trying to look at it as a good thing by giving me a chance to fix stuff. Thank you for looking into it though:) 
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@CateyBug123 it's sad to say that once a profile is deleted it's gone and can't be brought back. I looked up about it because I was confused as to why I can't read the original story in my library but I can if it's in other peoples reading lists. Whoever did this to you is a horrible person but you'll get your fans etc back :-)
@cateybug123 I am just so so so glad that the book will continue and you're still on wattpad!! this was the first book I ever read on here and when the updates kinda stopped I was afraid I would never know the ending! im so glad that its not over because you are an AMAZING author!
@alexandrasimons oh good!:) I'll try and upload quickly cause I know no one really wants to re-read anything haha. I just can't continue because the plot won't make sense unless I change a few things! Sorry it's taking FOREVER!