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Well I've had a wattpad account since forever, so I finally decided to actually, y'know, write something on the about me section. But I suck at these things, so bear with me. :P

Things I like:
*My Chemical Romance
*Get Scared
*Bulleted lists
*My dog Frodo. He's a goldendoodle. :3

Things I don't like:
*Incompetent people
*Stupid people
*Snobby people 
*Emotional people
*Making backgrounds and covers and titles for stories. 
*People who think homeschooling doesn't qualify as real school, and can't actually be difficult (Fuck you!)

Random facts about me!
*I'm homeschooled
*I have a tendency of not really liking people
*I'm quite vulgar when I'm around friends/people I don't know 
*I love to dance
*I'm a total night owl. 
*I totally support LGBTQPAFCS etc community!
*I have a dog that is my baby. *-* I love you, Frodo!
*I love smileys
*I hate rollercoasters. With a burning passion. 

So...yeah. I applaud you if you managed to make it through all my bulleted lists of random crap about me that you probably don't really care about unless you're some kind of stalker. o_o Plz don't stalk me? D:


When Salt Doesn't Work

When Salt Doesn't Work

2 pages, updated Apr 04, 2012GVideoPicturesCompleted
When salt doesn't work on a leech, you sometimes have to take more...extreme...measures.
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2013. The story of my trip through Heaven and Hell.

2013. The story of my trip through Heaven and Hell.

4 parts / 4 pages, updated Mar 13, 2012
It's the year 2013. The economy has tanked, the governments are rapidly failing, and revolution is stirring. The world is on the brink of ... read more
522 reads votes 7 comments 4
Discovering me.

Discovering me.

2 pages, updated Mar 06, 2012GPictures
Seraphina's life seems to be on a downward spiral. She keeps waking up to bruises, blood, and bad dreams. After the disappearance of her twin sister, her parents drown them... read more
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