I'm a really spontanious person, so I'll pretty much write any thing at any time. I enjoy being creative and I like to explore different styles. My most favorable style is mystery crime with a HINT of romance (because I like suspense rather than seduction, not that it doesn't help with my mischevious nature (; ) 

I can be a critic at times, especially when it comes to grammer and spelling (trust me, I can be very persnickity with that!) and also with plot. I don't like too cliche of things and love to add twist and tons of complications. Though I'm a bit of a realist, I like adding a twinge of imagination and of course I'll be very innovated with my plots. 

I also am a fan of individualism, when someone puts their personality into their story. Even if its not my particticular genre, I'll vote for it simply because they put their effort, heart, and imagination into their story, as if if were their baby and prized possession. 

As I like to think, anything is possible if you have an open mind and an open paper. :) Good luck and good job, fellow writers.
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