I really like to write but I find that I have a difficulty finishing stories, so I apologize if I write one you like and never finish it. I want to be a proffessional writer one day and hope to become famous for one of my books. I know that's kind of childish but it's a dream of mine and I will continue to reach for it.
I like all things fantasy, action, and romance. I have a giant thing for vampires and am a Die-Hard Twilight Fan (the books. I don't really like the movies that much.) I like to supports other writers and I get a good feeling whenever I get a compliment on my works.
I have four major writing idols. 1. Amelia At-Water Rhodes for starting out her career so young. 2. J. K. Rowling for just being an amazing writer. 3. Christopher Poalini (I think that's how you spell it) because his series was amazing. 4. Stephenie Meyer for being strong enough to still support her books and share her writings even with all the negative feedback thrown her way. I like all of these people though not neccessarily in that order. I hope to be like them one day.
Well, thanks for listening to me blab. I really hope you like my stories! <3

P.S. I like to write stories with me in it so deal with it! XD
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