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Do not ask me to read your stories, I'm really sorry, but I barely even have time to upload one story (UAN) Dedicate it to me and there's a greater chance I'll see it and take a look :) x

I love all my readers. Without you guys, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thanks for the support from the bottom of my huge beating heart. 

Stay beautiful 

Keep Swimming 

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Up All Night ~ (One Direction Fan-Fiction)

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Description: "It wasn't like I was a hater or anything, I just had better things to do than stalk One Direction's Twitter and Facebook page." Ella Strauss once said. She walked around the mall aimlessly in search of an outfit. The last thing she expected was to...

dgjgcfhb posted a message to Carefree2222
I started to read the fanfiction yesterday in the evening..and i couldn't stop reading.So I was reading it the whole night.I have read a lot of fanfictions, but this is absolutely the best of every fanfiction i have ever read.You're so talented and I hope you're updating soon because it's the BEST FANFICTION EVER.:D I'm sorry for my bad english...I'm from germany and 14...so it's not so good.
anyways i hope you will update soon and you are a really good at writing!!!♥