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Heyyo, I'm the teenage girl with a crazy imagination and horrible writing skills so don't judge me. I'm no stranger to this writing business for I've been doing it for already 2 years but it's not on wattpad.
I'm a sucker for happy endings and plot twists. Expect a lot of plot twists in my stories. Even if I like the "happily ever after" scenario, I'm still in love with stories where the main character dies (I'm evil, I know :P)
I'll admit that I'm a hypocrite. Read my story "Hidden with a Smile" and you'll know why. I'm friends with these bunch of girls who are somehow popular. They're not mean in any ways possible but I see how they harm other people and they do it unconsciously. I've been bullied and a loner once and it's not pretty so I feel downright guilty when somebody else is being bullied. I love my best friends to death and if you see them from inside the table, you'll love them too. 
I'm pressured to be perfect by my parents but it's alright, I don't mind... not!
Sorry but I don't read any BoyxBoy or GirlxGirl. I have nothing against gays and lesbians but I don't simply feel comfortable reading them :/

Please enjoy my stories. Mwah :**

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I'm so torn right now. I have no idea if I'm team Drew or team Lucas lol update soon!
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I love it! Please update :DD
Falling For The Opposite

This was beautiful. I'm personally a victim of bullying and it hurts because I know that I'm fat and ugly but when I read this, I smiled. I rarely...
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