Hi everyone, I'm Camille.

 I'm a music blogger, writer, dancer, aspiring actress and computer nerd.
  I'm 18 years old.

I think I have a crush on 94 people all at the same time aha
I write really weird stories.

Well Dressed
& Obsessed.

                                                    popstars& bands ruined my life. 

instagram: camille_storm
twitter: CamilleStorm
blog: camillestorm.blogspot.com
tumblr: camillestorm.tumblr.com
kik: camillestorm

I'm on like every social network so I can't possibly write them all down and also I'm too lazy

but if you have any questions hit me up here --> http://ask.fm/CamilleStorm
or kik me.

.One Thing(Liam Payne)
.Stolen( Lawson)
.Temptation( JB)
.Don't Forget Where You Belong (Louis Tomlinson)
.Beating Heart (Original)

Read my stories and tell me what you think will ya? xx

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Beating Heart

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Description: She's rich. She's famous. She's absolutely stunning. She's influential. She's been cited as a young fashion icon. Hollywood is obsessed with her and directors are fighting to get her in their next movie. Men are having fantasies about her as their g...

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One Thing - A Liam Payne Fan Fiction

One Thing - A Liam Payne Fan Fiction

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Angela May is a typical college girl that loves to work hard but play hard as well. When her friend, Zar...

TEMPTATION(Justin Bieber)

TEMPTATION(Justin Bieber)

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REBOUND (Justin Bieber)

REBOUND (Justin Bieber)

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STOLEN (Lawson)

STOLEN (Lawson)

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Sequel to 'One Thing- A Liam Payne Fan Fiction' Angela May is what some people would call 'the luckiest...

sorry ive taken forever to update guys i have Uni and Computer Science is crazy but Im closing soon so Il get back to this. stay tuned :)