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"Sometimes you get run down. Sometimes life throws dirt in your eyes and it stings and you can't see for a few minutes. even after you get it out your eyes are all red and your vision is shitty... but eventually, whether through tears or maybe just time... you start to see even clearer than before. Life is not always good. which is why music exists. Why I believe God exists and why there's always a pint of coconut milk ice cream in my freezer.” 
~Hayley Williams~


 h e y   t h e r e   s t r a n g e r s

 I'm a crazy, procrastinating, obsessive, over-thinking, paranoid, sensitive, selfish, jealous, curious girl with deep thoughts, a creative mindset and ambitious hopes. 

I'm socially awkward, anxious, doubtful and insanely sarcastic. 

I love to learn, I believe that nature is beautiful and the power of words and language never fails to intrigue me. 

I have a huge love for sloths, turtles and cats. I live for getting lost and escaping reality through books and music.

I am grateful for life and everything the surprises it brings :3 

                                                               ~ Carpe diem as they say~

btw fire is pretty, im not a maniac 

 p e a c e  ,   l o v e  ,  e q u a l i t y   a n d   h a p p i n e s s 

also @-dreamers and @OMGitsMelz are fabby :33 Go check them out <3



Life on my plate

Life on my plate

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Jan 01, 2013PG-13
Time doesn’t like to wait, and Eloise Anderson has found that out the hard way. After years of avoiding making decisions, there now comes a time where if she doesn’t make... read more
207 reads votes 23 comments 22
On the Verge

On the Verge

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Sep 09, 2012PG
Lulu has always felt like an outsider, a misfit. Her so-called 'family' has still never repaired the damage done 10 years ago and her dad's clever idea to dedicate a zoo, clo... read more
354 reads votes 25 comments 41
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A couple of grammar errors but besides that I enjoyed it. Your descriptions can be a bit cliché- oh god those diamond sparkling eyes- or whatever...
Unforgettable Summer

I liked this- you had a good plot-not too boring and not too predictable. We got to know your characters but maybe your descriptions were abit too...
Unforgettable Summer

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