one of my favorite stories were the 
kissing booth
living with the walkers boys 
Celebrity Status
Cross My Heart
childhood best friends with hollywoods golden boy..

I love reading I'm starting to write so check out my stories. Also tell your friends. Vote and comment means alot!! Yes every read counts not only votes. 

I love 
Partying like no tomorrow
Hanging out with friends and letting loose
I'm 16 almost 17
Love the color blue
Im random so if i randomly chat you thats just because that's how I am.
Oh last thing I love Dancing! 

I love music all kinds 
Almost all those songs from the 80s.
Any song that you can dance to. And if you wanna talk hit me up.. I'm always on here. I'm addicted lol

I love
Vampire diaries 
Gossip Girl 
Secret Life 
Twilight Saga
50 Shades of grey
so if you ever want to talk the about them MESSAGE ME! haha

"Good girls are bad girls who don't get caught"
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who wants to write me a 1min to 2min essay on hale bopp comet!! ill update one chapter of the story of your choice