I shall give you a list!
-You can call me Caitred!
- I have a joint account with some friends @SlientSleep333
-we are all co writing books
-im very weird
-i give good advice apparently
-i have 5 siblings
-i love giraffes
-i lived in Texas for 10 years
-i moved
-i now live in cold
-it sucks
-i have slight depression
-incorrect grammar in speech pisses me off
-my absolute best friends EVER are @ladylola84 and @reaper333 and @Iampillowbunny707
-and others that aren't on wattpad
-if i enjoy speaking to you and you are on i shall talk to you mostly every time we are on at the same time
-it can be annoying...i know...i was actually told once that i was annoying...i don't speak to him anymore...
-i am female
-i collect sharpies
-the background is actually sharpie art
-i love dragons
-i LURVE music
-favorite band at the moment is...hmm... breaking Benjamin, or the wanted
-favorite song is radioactive by imagine dragons
-The wanted is my One Direction for most girls(every time one of their songs come on...I have been known to let out girly screams...)
-I have a celebrity hit list. 
-fergie is the first person on it(she is more dramatic than me and that's saying something.)
-if you wanna ask me a question then go right ahead and message me...but beware i may bite ;)
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OhioBaby posted a message to Caitred
@Caitred o.o *bows down* OMG you are the. First. Person. To. Get. That. Reference. This is...this is too good. 8D

@Reaper333 :o once again, I thought I was the only one who said that. XD but that is so true... And all thanks to you ^_^
OhioBaby posted a message to Caitred
@Caitred Lol ikr (gahh too many whatever you call those things... Brainfart...) 

Thank you @Reaper333 for informally introducing us... XD

I think this is the beginning of a B-E-A-Utiful friendship (extra points if you get the reference. If not... Extra extra points for the sharpies lol)
@OhioBaby WE SHOULD BE THE BEST OF FRIENDS! I'm not good at art either. I've found that the more you try, the better you get. If you want to be good then just draw. :)