Sometimes writing is the only way you can get your true feelings out. You feel like going into a corner and crying your eyes out, but that will do good for next to nothing. When you write, you almost always envision yourself as one of your characters; problems, flaws and all. Some of you might be bullied at school. Some of you might be the popular wanting to get out and have a real friend instead of fake followers. Some of you might honestly be the bully, and are only a bully because you never want to feel small again. A few of you might even be one of the happiest people alive on the outside, but on the inside, you feel like you're dying and you're up to your eyes with problems. All of us are different, yet somehow the same. Writing is being expressive and letting everything out. Because, face it, when you write your problems down, you feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders. I know I do.

- Caitlynn.
- Seventeen.
- Loves writing, however, sometimes quits stories because she doesn't know how to go on.
- Music is pretty much her everything and she would be absolutely, one-hundred percent lost without it.
- Wishes war was just a figure of speech.
- Believes in miracles, and don't forget fairies.
- When she was little, she wanted to be a turtle. ;3 Then she wanted to be a mermaid, ninja, and a doctor to open a clinic for her sick imaginary friends.
- When she was young, her imaginary friend told her she would look better if her bangs were short. She cut them so uneven it wasn't even funny.
- When she was eighteen months old, she locked her mom out of the house. n_n
- She has two annoying brothers, however loves them to pieces and wouldn't give them up for the world.
- She lived in Ohio up until a week and a half before her tenth birthday. She misses it.
- She doesn't know why she's talking in the third person. :D

Bye! ;D
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Hey Caitlynn! If you would like, could you check out my stories? I'm trying to post regularly and am actually nearing the end of one of my stories "Song Book"
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I wish I could read this all over again for the first time. It's so beautifully written, it's like nothing else I've ever read before. No book has made me cry, squeal, or feel like your book. Please please write another book! You need to get published. ❤️