I no longer submit to another site because nothing could be done to prevent my work being plagiarised. I decided to submit here because the way my work was stolen can't be done here although it has been plagiarised on this site twice that I know of. The first under the title of the Goddess series by obsinianbutterfly13 and the second time it was renamed Kiss of the alpha by kialee16. This is 100% my work and submitted under my pen name of Whitesabretooth on an adult story site.

I do not claim to be a professional writer (although I would love it if I was) so if there are any errors forgive me. However if people start ragging on my spelling... I am Australian, that's the dictionary I use.

Well I hope you enjoy and have fun.

PS I have a fan site, have fun: https://www.facebook.com/Cherrie.Gangells.Fan.Club


Reading order of the Twists of Fate Series

Kiss of the Moon
Terri and Becky (how they meet)
Touch of the Wolf
Freedom of Flight
Bound by Pride
Guarded Hearts
Split in Time
Coming of Age
Winds of Change (in the process of being submitted)
Riddle of Blood (coming after Winds of Change)


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Non-human groupings of Sogol
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Winds of Change

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Description: {Book 8 of the Twists of Fate Series} Alanna and Tarval return to Sogol and eagerly await the birth of their first child. But nothing is that simple.

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Kiss of the Moon

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Touch of the Wolf

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So.... Its my birthday in like 5 or 6 days. Don't you think the next chapter would be a Great present? Please, please, please, please, please, please. lol
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i guess ur moving on to ur next story. is dat why ur taking time?? plz let us knw smthing...anythng from urside. dnt leave us hanging like dis..
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Just wanted 2 put my lil message here to say that you are a very talented writer and story teller. I tend to b very picky about the stories i read and yours have surpassed my wildest expextations.  I am here to wish you and yours well and hope that you will return soon. If you ever decide 2 publish i will b in line to get your work!! Thank you in advance. You have made this one hell of a ride!!!
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This is somewhat scary in my eyes, I'm worried pretty sick over whats going on with you right now. I really hope its not something serious and that we will soon hear from you one way or the other.
Please let us know if your ok or not, and when you'll hopefully can post a new update. XOXOX
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I really hope you're okay. we're all worried about you and are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Even if you can't update please let us know if your ok. X
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I hope you are ok.  Now I am worried for you.  Even at the other site, I don't remember you taking so long between chapters.  I sincerely hope and pray that you are ok and not hurt in any way.  Love and prayers be with you.