I no longer submit to another site because nothing could be done to prevent my work being plagiarised. I decided to submit here because the way my work was stolen can't be done here although it has been plagiarised on this site twice that I know of. The first under the title of the Goddess series by obsinianbutterfly13 and the second time it was renamed Kiss of the alpha by kialee16. This is 100% my work and submitted under my pen name of Whitesabretooth on an adult story site.

I do not claim to be a professional writer (although I would love it if I was) so if there are any errors forgive me. However if people start ragging on my spelling... I am Australian, that's the dictionary I use.

Well I hope you enjoy and have fun.

PS I have a fan group on Facebook where I hold forums and you can meet other fans: 


Reading order of the Twists of Fate Series

Kiss of the Moon
Terri and Becky (how they meet)
Touch of the Wolf
Freedom of Flight
Bound by Pride
Guarded Hearts
Split in Time
Coming of Age
Winds of Change
The Lost Stories (will be added to as needed) 
Riddle of Blood (coming after Winds of Change)


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Non-human groupings of Sogol
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Description: A collection of short stories in the Twists of Fate series which take place after Winds of Change and before Riddle of blood.


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JBMINN posted a message to CRGangell
I'm posting this message to Cherrie, however I expect no response from her. This is simply the easiest way to put it up for all her fans to read. She clearly stated in her comment at the beginning of the last chapter of Winds of Change that it may be awhile for Riddle of Blood. "I make no promises about when the next story, Riddle of Blood, will come out as I want to be near the end of writing it before I start putting it out there."  She also commented in the beginning of Kael and Myth's story that it would be last one of the Lost Stories for the time being.  I'm pretty sure she also has a life outside of work and writing. Everyone needs to show a little patience and understanding. I believe she has spoiled many of you with the way she has updated in the past. I have followed stories of other authors who have much more time pass before their next update comes out.
Vannessa21W posted a message to CRGangell
I just wanted to let you know that you have a true gift  and I hope that someday I can read your work published because your is better than most published writers and when you do get published I will be one of the first people to buy your books.
HeatherMooney7 posted a message to CRGangell
Have just found you on literotica and was upset when I realised there were no more chapters. Am so glad I found you on here as I love this series
xxLilMinx posted a message to CRGangell
Love your work we  know your the original don't let copy cats cheat you and your joy and your humble fans the gift of your words. Lie the fan below I have been following you from literotica and I was saddened when I could find any more of your work keep writing! =)
BiancaDanker posted a message to CRGangell
I love your work...I've been following since the start in literotica & finally can read the continuing stories...I remember I use to get so excited when the new chapters are up & I always anticipate the upcoming chapters after reading the new ones...when there wasn't anymore in lit I almost panicked 'cos I love your stories,then I found out u moved to wattpad,so yay,Wohoooo...(^_^)
although it would be great to one day see it as a movie,with the tech now adays,it would even more awesome than 'avatar',sorry I know that movie was great but I know this will one day be even greater...eek!!!I'm squeeling like an idiot just thinking about watching a movie made from this one day...do ur best 'whitesabertooth'...u'll always have my vote...<3
Ijenony posted a message to CRGangell
U r so talented writer, I've read all ur works more than a few times n I'm anxiously waiting for  Riddle of Blood to start making its way out on here... I really hope u can try to give us an ETA on when we might start seeing it... Now that being said ill honestly wait as long as it'll take, u hv a devoted fan here n I'm re reading d twist of fate series from d beginning again just to pass d time coz I love them so much