''There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.''

I'm Bex; A vegetarian who thinks writing is one hell of a fancy thing, I like talking nonsense and I've got an embarrassingly big craving for tea 24/7.
I'm - terribly - bad at finishing things, therefor 99% of all my work is far from done. Nevertheless I enjoy writing and currently I'm writing various different stories, worth mentioning is that I'm terribly reckless, not to mention hopeless at deadlines. So, with that information stocked in the back of your mind, don't be surprised when you find that the majority of my works tend to get updated very randomly, if they ever do get updated that is.

Take care and have some tea. Later babes. :) x
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It's Just Sex [Larry Stylinson Fiction]

Social data: 12K reads. 289 votes. 68 comments.

Description: "All I want is sex, yeah? You know, no feelings, no caring for the other, just -- Just plain, fucking sex." Sometimes, like a drunken Saturday night, Louis should learn to watch his mouth. And Harry should really, really learn to not take everythin...

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