HI there wattpad people !!   

 i know im not really a writer or anything in fact i dont think i cant write at all xD but im board and so why not give writing a try i have nothing better to do ;)

i have made this wattpad account to post my stories and fan people my goal is to fan ever body simply because i want people to read the stories i write and give me feedback weather u tell me my story sucks or its good i don't care u can always tell me how i can in prove them as long as u give me feedback.

i do have another wattpad account that i use for reading stories not posting them but im not going to tell u the user name of it though its a mystery :] hehe anyway ill give u the jiff on me just so u get to no me a bit 

i love music, sketching, photography, singing, animals, swimming, comics Avengers, reading, writing, playing the guitar, adventures, snakes :] 
ya some people think its weird i like snakes but i dont really care i like them i even have a pet snake when people see me and find out i have a snake they are always shocked they say i don't look like someone that would have a snake .. i mean whats that supposed to mean ..? haha idk 

im a pretty happy person most of the time i don't jug people and i don't like it when people jug..

anyway thats a bit about me and please feel free to fan me hehe ill fan back cause i will be trying to fan like everybody that has wattpad :D !! and remember when i start posting stories feel free to tell me your honest opinion weather its good or bad :}
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Description: a story about a girl named Ren she lives a life of pain she has little hope left when a new guy moves in to the small town to the house next door does he help Ren with her problems and brings a little light to her gloomy day does he give Ren a reaso...

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