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Hi I'm Natalie:D
Hi random person interested in knowing things about me, here are weird facts: I'm annoying, Ima spazz, Ima creep, you're one too for reading this, I love/like Invader Zim&Gir, Pon&Zi, animals, art, Gerard Butler, writing, music, chocolate, soda, converse, plants/flowers, nerds, lime green&metallic blue, history, zebras&wolves, dogs (but I'm more of a cat person), the movie P.S. I Love You, and last but most certainly not least, I love God. Are you annoyed yet? If you are still reading this, you're even creepier... I hate/dislike sushi, purses, drama, wearing dresses/heels, fake people, solid tan color, being bored, being quiet, being lonely. Okay I don't know what else to say...If you made it through my annoying rant, then I congratulate you. Now you're the creepiest person on Earth.
I wanna live like there's no tomorrow.
I wanna die in a weird way, like get trampled by a cult of chipmunks.
If you want me to read your stories just post to my board or PM me :D
Bye random creeper reading my personal information! I love you!
My Wattpad fam:
sisters-Disha, Knee
cousins-Moka, TiffTiff
BTW music inspires me so if you have song suggestions, do tell(:


Don't Judge a Book by its Cover...

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover...

4 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 20, 2011PGPictures
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Through Your Eyes

Through Your Eyes

1 page, updated Aug 07, 2011PG-13
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Through Your Eyes

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