I love music and tend to write songs about life experiences. Breakups, Makeups, Drama, you name it. If I've lived it, I shall write it. I dabble in playing guitar to accompany my songs and I can sing well enough that people don't throw things at me to shut me up. :)

I also LOVE writing. It takes me to another world, one I want to live in, and it's almost as good as reading a book. Only you have the power to control there fate. Ironic seeing as my books name is Kontrol Freak... haha. To those of you who have read or will read my book, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and advice are welcomed. Thanks to those of you who are fans and vote for my book :D

By the way I am gonna try something a little different than most authors. If you fan my book and are sincerely a fan (like messaging me and/or commenting) then I will go back and dedicate the first written, non-dedicated chapter to you :) 

Also, I have billions of ideas bubbling inside my head waiting to escape. So if you need help in any way with your book, contact me :) I double as an editor for most stories but will only be taking the first 2 that message me with a request. I'll proofread, punctuate, capitalize, and spell/grammar check your chapters whether their published or not. But don't just get lazy and expect me to do it all for you. I will NOT. Ok? Ok. Thanks :D

Anyways, I have chatted your ear off enough. Bye.

Love you all,

<3 BrynnyThePooh

P.S. I do not really have butterfly wings around my eyes. (Just to clear that up.)
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Description: Riley's life is anything but normal. She's a Freak! But she learns to adapt as her powers increase and she grows. Plus she is not alone. She has friends that stick by her no matter what. However, Riley and her friends are not the only Freaks out the...